A Mermaid Tail Blanket

Oh, the things we will do for our children!

Today, I actually hauled my sewing machine out of the closet and got it plugged in.  (I didn’t have to blow any dust off it because my son actually uses the darn thing to sew his Sea Cadet flashes and patches and his Boy Scout badges and patches onto their respective uniforms, because I refuse to do it.)  But, I digress.  Self-directed homeschooling had me willingly threading a bobbin (I had to take a peek into the user’s guide, again – like I do every time I pull out the machine – and I still didn’t get it right on my first go ’round), cutting fabric, pinning it together (and stabbing myself multiple times in the process), sewing it, cutting off the recently sewn seam three times and then redoing it three times when I realized that I hadn’t left the opening big enough, and finally coming up with a finished…fleece mermaid tail blanket.

This face made it all worth it: 

Self-directed homeschooling in our house today looked like three moms, with varying skills with a sewing machine and varying levels of enthusiasm for sewing in general, and four little girls, getting together for a fun project that none of us would’ve made the time for on our own.  The girls helped pin the fabric, sort of, and then they disappeared, leaving me, Christina, and Paula with a “mom craft day”.

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