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4 Tips for Starting a Successful Homeschool

It was October of 1998.   My husband had brought the car up to the curb right out in front of the hospital.  As I struggled to get the carseat holding our newborn son, Jarrod, snapped into the middle seat, I remember thinking, “What moron thinks it’s a good idea to let me take this baby […]

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5 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Homeschooler

Let me tell you, your level of confidence in yourself as a homeschooler when you’re just starting off isn’t indicative of how successful you’ll be as a homeschooler.

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5 Ways to Prevent Fear of Failure from Sabotaging Your Homeschool

How long have you been hemming and hawing?  Maybe your kids’ experiences at school haven’t been so great, and you’re thinking about homeschooling them…but you haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe your kids will be school-aged soon, and you’re thinking about homeschooling them…but you haven’t made the decision one way or the other yet.  

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7 Tips for Homeschoolers to Guard Your Time

“I want to run away,” I lamented to my friend over the phone one day.  I was overwhelmed with all the demands other people were placing on my time.  “Someplace where no one can follow me and no one will ask me for anything!” It had been one of those days.

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Moms and Dads of Boys, Please Don’t Ignore This

In a bitter twist, after I’d hopped onto Facebook Live and spent 20 minutes talking about Lewis Howes’ book The Mask of Masculinity and a sobering, insightful article by Charlie Hoehn written in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, I woke up the next morning to news of yet another school shooting.

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How Do I Prevent “Summer Slide”?

You’re dying to know, aren’t you? How do you prevent “summer slide” from happening to your kids? Gonna hit the pause button here for a sec, and keep you in suspense for just a bit.  Let’s talk about “summer slide”.

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A Weekend With Unschooling Mom2Mom’s Sue Patterson

“What are you really afraid of?” she asked me softly, looking right into my eyes.I was sitting on a couch in a beach house right next to Sue Patterson, a woman I’d followed on Facebook for several years, a woman I consider to be one of the wisest voices within the unschooling community. I’m not […]

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What 5 Gurus in Personal Development and Entrepreneurship Can Teach Homeschoolers

Why do you homeschool the way you do?  How did you come to the style of homeschooling you use? Do you homeschool the way you do because it’s what you know and are comfortable with?  Did you research the different styles and choose one that resonated with you?

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7 Things I Want You To Know About My Late Reader

Having a “late” reader when you’re homeschooling brings with it some unique challenges.

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7 Things I Want You To Know About Homeschooling A Late Reader

At this point, I’m an old hat at this.  I’ve been there, done that, and earned the trophy. Not one, but two, of my children have been (or are) struggling readers.  Homeschooling them has brought us some difficult challenges which I talk about in that article. Here, though, I want to talk about the parent who’s homeschooling a […]

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  • Before you buy this booklet, you need to know that I am an unabashed proponent of self-directed learning and that will be reflected in everything I share about my own experiences as a homeschooler.

    I’m giving this disclaimer so you aren’t surprised by the clear bias I have toward unschooling.  

    I want you to know, upfront, what you’re getting and what to expect from me.  The advice I give and the questions I ask you to ask yourself are all valuable and valid no matter what style of homeschooling you ultimately embrace, though.  

  • About the Author

    Becky Ogden has been homeschooling since 2003, and graduated her oldest in the spring of 2017.  In her early years of homeschooling, she too struggled with feeling overwhelmed and inept. In trying to do right by her children, Becky found herself embroiled in battle after battle with them over their schoolwork.  Until…

    Until she found a better way.  One that empowered her children to self-direct their own educations.  One that respected their autonomy. One based in “right on time” rather than “just in case” learning.

    Without many veteran homeschoolers around to serve as mentors, Becky had to muddle through it on her own.  She spent hours of time in research and reflection.

    In the years since then, helping other homeschoolers find their own way and solve their problems has become a source of great joy for her.

    Contact email: