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Moms and Dads of Boys, Please Don’t Ignore This

In a bitter twist, after I’d hopped onto Facebook Live and spent 20 minutes talking about Lewis Howes’ book The Mask of Masculinity and a sobering, insightful article by Charlie Hoehn written in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, I woke up the next morning to news of yet another school shooting.

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You Don’t Have to Fear the Teen Years…and Here’s Why

“I still fit,” he says, in his 18-year-old man voice, as he sits his 180-pound man body on his mother’s lap and draws his knees to compact himself into a ball.   She’s squished, but she smiles anyway…enjoying the last few years she has with her boy before another woman will eventually replace her as Number […]

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KonMari and Toys: Teaching Your Children a Valuable Lesson

There was stuff.  Stuff everywhere I turned.  Too many clothes.  Too many books.  Too many papers.  Too many toys.  Too many odds and ends that didn’t seem to have a real home (unless you count the junk drawer, which I am told doesn’t count).   The sheer volume of stuff my family owned was suffocating and overwhelming.  I’d look around my cluttered home, […]

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5 Bits Of Wisdom I Shared With My Son As He Considers His Future

You’re 18 years old now, and you have some big decisions to make. I don’t worry about you making those big decisions, though.  You’ve had lots of practice over the years making decisions that matter all on your own.   It’s not going to be such a big, scary world out there because you’ve already been living […]

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The One Crappy Drawing and 8 Steps I Used to Encourage My Frustrated Child

She let loose with an ear-piercing screech that shattered the relative calm at home.  I pinched the bridge of my nose and drew in a deep, centering breath.  Since I’m being honest, I’ll admit that my first thought was what now?   I set the soapy dish I had been washing back in the sink and […]

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4 Factors to Consider When You Grant Your Children Freedom

Your job as a parent is to work yourself out of a job.You have failed in your most basic job as a parent if your children reach adulthood and they are not ready and willing to be competent, contributing members of society.  Working yourself out of a job can’t start when your children reach their teens.  It must […]

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