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Love Hearing From My Readers!

Whether you are brand new to homeschooling, you’re struggling with homeschooling, or you’re intrigued by the philosophy of self-directed education, I’m here to help you work with, rather than against, human nature as you create the best possible environment for your children to learn what they need to know in order to become successful adults.

It gives me great joy to be able to connect people with the resources, support, or other people they need in order to be successful themselves. So  please don't hesitate to contact me.  

I read each and every message that is sent to me, though it is not always possible for me to respond personally to all of them.  If you contact me with questions about self-directed learning, I will answer you in some way, though - either by direct response or a blog post addressing your issue.

​You can reach me at:


  • Before you buy this booklet, you need to know that I am an unabashed proponent of self-directed learning and that will be reflected in everything I share about my own experiences as a homeschooler.

    I’m giving this disclaimer so you aren’t surprised by the clear bias I have toward unschooling.  

    I want you to know, upfront, what you’re getting and what to expect from me.  The advice I give and the questions I ask you to ask yourself are all valuable and valid no matter what style of homeschooling you ultimately embrace, though.  

  • About the Author

    Becky Ogden has been homeschooling since 2003, and graduated her oldest in the spring of 2017.  In her early years of homeschooling, she too struggled with feeling overwhelmed and inept. In trying to do right by her children, Becky found herself embroiled in battle after battle with them over their schoolwork.  Until…

    Until she found a better way.  One that empowered her children to self-direct their own educations.  One that respected their autonomy. One based in “right on time” rather than “just in case” learning.

    Without many veteran homeschoolers around to serve as mentors, Becky had to muddle through it on her own.  She spent hours of time in research and reflection.

    In the years since then, helping other homeschoolers find their own way and solve their problems has become a source of great joy for her.

    Contact email: