Reader Question: How Do They Learn Without Boundaries or Defined Lines?

So, the question was: “OK soo, without boundaries or defined lines how do you learn?”

And my answer is:

My kids learn the same way they learned before it was “time to start school” and the same way we learn as adults. I’m not saying that there aren’t boundaries or defined lines. What I am saying is that our own lives provide those boundaries and lines, rather than the whims of someone else who believes that they know best what we need.

As adults just doing our daily stuff, we encounter times when we discover that we want to or need to learn something in order to do something else that we want to or need to do. We go out and find the resources or materials we need to use in order to learn it. We study or practice until we’re satisfied that we’ve attained a high enough mastery of the skill or information in order to do what we want to do. Then, we repeat the cycle. Education doesn’t stop when we turn 18 and graduate from high school; it’s a lifelong process.

My kids, and other “unschooled” kids, do the same thing…as does everyone once they become adults and assume the power to decide for themselves what they want to or need to learn, when to learn it, and how to learn it. Basically, life prepares you to learn exactly what you need to know, exactly when you need to know it.

It just looks different for every person, and that is not valued within the confines of a K-12 education. Different for every person doesn’t work well when you need everyone on the same page in order to progress through the system together. The reality as adults is that we do not all share the same knowledge. We don’t have to! I have yet to find a compelling reason why kids should be required to share the same set of knowledge as every other kid, either.

It’s a complete paradigm shift to go from a K-12 model of education to what I believe about it. Kids whose childhoods are spent guiding the courses of their own educations will just be better equipped to learn as adults than kids who have limited exposure to charting their own courses.

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